im making nachos, i dont care who’s knocking


a male-only parody version of anaconda


I took a really long nap and I feel as though i woke up in december


talking about getting lots of attention, today was the first day of the fall term and my hair got a large amount attention and jealous looks from other *natural* blondes!


gaga haters get mad when gaga directs attention to herself because they can barely play with their own pets for a few seconds before they try to get away. dont blame your lack of love and attention on a woman just cuz she can do what you can’t.

On tuesday, madonna sold approximately 6 tickets!!

🎧 love is objectified by what men say is right 🎧


when i was in the 5th grade, my mom walked in on me dancing bottomless, with my underwear rolled up (so that they resembled girl panties), and my t-shirt tucked into the collar (so that it looked like a bra thing?? idefk??) and i immediately flew under the bed to undo my clothes and when i came back up she was gone. she never said anything to me about it!!